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Highland Animal Hospital is on it's second generation of offering St. Paul veterinary clinic services. Since 1967, the Sime family, other veterinarians, and staff have been providing quality care for pets. Our animal hospital provides the best care from vaccines, diagnostic tests, and dental cleanings. We also provide urgent care for pets if you have an emergency. Contact our St. Paul vet to make an appointment today at (651) 698-0818.

Veterinary Clinic Services

St Paul Veterinary Clinic

Pet Allergy Testing

Serum Allergy Testing
Hyposensitization Injections, Immunotherapy

Dentistry for Pets

Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning
Dental Evaluations
Dental X-ray
Periodontal Treatment
Tooth Extraction


Upper and Lower GI
Endoscopic Biopsy

Geriatric Screening for Senior Pets


Digital X-ray
Contrast Radiograph Studies
Ultrasound Guided Biopsy

Animal Laboratory Diagnostics


Soft Tissue including Ear Cropping
Orthopedic including TPLO and TTA ACL repair

Pet Urgent Care

Veterinarian Wellness Care



Pet Allergy Testing amd Immunotherapy

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Cats and dogs can suffer from allergies just like humans, so we offer allergy testing for your pets. Serum allergy testing is done in a laboratory with a small amount of your pet’s blood. This test can help show what your pet is allergic to; allowing us to develop a plan for allergy treatment. After the allergens are identified we can offer Hyposensitization Injections also known as Immunotherapy to treat your dog or cat. Hyposensitization Injections are a specialized formula containing small amounts of the allergen. Immunotherapy usually lasts over months or longer to alleviate allergies.   

Dental Cleaning for Your Pet

Our veterinary clinic offers dog and cat dental cleaning and evaluations. Having your pet’s teeth cleaned by your veterinarian at least once a year helps to maintain their overall health. Teeth cleaning can help detect and prevent dental diseases. Some of the signs of dental diseases in pets are dropping food, bad breath, bleeding gums. These are only a few signs of dental problems, so it’s important to have our veterinarian give a thorough examination.

Veterinary Endoscopy

If your pet is having problems with weight loss, vomiting or other symptoms we provide endoscopy at our veterinary clinic. An endoscope is a small camera that can be inserted by our veterinarian through the mouth or rectum.  Endoscopy can allow our vet to see internal problems in the stomach, small intestine or colon.  

Geriatric Screening for Your Senior Dog or Cat

Geriatric screening for your dog and cat can help them live a happy life in their senior years. As dogs and cats age they can have breed specific problems that can be addressed. Some dog breeds for example are more prone to problems in their hips and backs as they get older.  Geriatric screening with our veterinarian can help make sure your pet is getting the right nutrition and help age related problems.

Veterinarian Wellness Exams

Wellness exams are important for dogs and cats to maintain their health. Our veterinarian St. Paul, MN offers wellness exams which can include heartworm and parasite testing, vaccinations, and overall exam. Whether you have a puppy, kitten, or older pet; the veterinarian can offer preventative care as well as addressing any problems. Having wellness exams for your dog and cat can help them live a long and happy life.

Pet Surgery

Our veterinarians offer soft tissue surgery and orthopedic surgeries for your pet. Just like humans your dog or cat can get injured or have joint problems. Our veterinarians are experienced in orthopedic surgery to get your pet up on his feet, healthy and happy.

Ear cropping can be done for cosmetic reasons, but there are also times when it has to be done. Sometimes your dog or cat may sustain an injury or disease that may require their ears to be cropped. No matter what the reason, the veterinarians at Highland Animal Hospital have the experience to offer the best care for your pet.

Pet Imaging

Sometimes your pet may have problems that can’t be seen in the examination. In cases where your dog or cat is sick and examination does not give a proper diagnosis; then our veterinarians may use imaging. Our veterinarians have all of the imaging tools to find out what is causing your pet’s illness. Usually X-rays are the most common form of imaging. In some cases where there may be internal problems, an ultrasound may be used to give a clearer picture.

Call Highland Animal Hospital at (651) 698-0818 when you want a veterinarian St. Paul, MN that cares about your furry friend.

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